Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Deep cleaning with a 30 minute dry time & free disinfection & sanitisation.

Patented Commercial Carpet Cleaning System

No bonnet & buffing, carpet skimming or optically enhancing the surface of the carpet. Our CR carpet cleaning system has been awarded two patents and delivers a genuine deep clean without the risk of wick back, tile tenting & over wetting.

Industry Leading dry times

Our commercial system deep cleans and leaves carpets dry in 30 minutes. We can work with tight drying time frames and get your business back open.

Free Disinfection & Sanitisation

We include a FREE carpet biocidal disinfection and sanitisation to BS EN 1040 Standard with every commercial carpet clean.

Remove Pathogens And Bacteria
From Your Carpets

Pathogens such as viruses & bacteria can be deposited on many surfaces of your offices including within your carpet. A professional deep clean removes pathogens and reduces the risk of illness spreading in your work place. 

Awarded Two Patents

Our commercial cleaning system has been awarded two patents. We deliver a genuine deep clean every time without the risk of capillary wick back, yellowing, shrinkage or over wetting.

No Cleaning Residues Left In Your Carpets

We don’t leave cleaning residues behind, ensuring no rapid re-soiling, yellowing or damage to your carpets. Always Ph neutral on completion. Your carpets stay cleaner for longer.

High Quality, Safe & Biodegradable
Cleaning Solutions.

Our cleaning solutions are child safe, pet safe and environmentally friendly. Intelligently designed formulations and high quality constitute parts breakdown and emulsify soiling whilst treating fibres with gentle care. Our solutions are 100% bio-degradable and our solution bottles are recyclable.

Ph Neutralisation and Colour Stability

Our CR system guarantees pH neutralisation on completion of the clean. 

Neutralisation leaves dye stable ensuring no colour bleed or loss. We don’t use peroxide so your carpets colour won’t fade with regular cleaning.

Improve Air quality For Your
Employees & Customers

Carpets can trap dirt and other substances such as dust and allergens. A professional deep clean of your office carpets is like emptying a filter, improving air quality in your workplace. 

Low Noise Levels

Our low moisture cleaning system, whilst in use, produces very low noise levels. Noise levels so low that we could work whilst your business is in operation.

Free Anti-static Application

 We apply a free Anti-static coating on every commercial carpet clean. Helping to maintain a cleaner and more static-free environment