Professional Carpet Repair Swansea

New innovative methods. Increased durability.

A Cost Effective Alternative
To Carpet Replacement in Swansea

Welcome to Clean Rescue Swansea – If you have damage to your carpet and are considering replacement, a specialist carpet repair maybe a better solution for you. Our Swansea team are highly trained in professional carpet repair and are ready to help you. 

  • No cost of a brand new carpet.
  • Reduced cost in labour.
  • No stress or extra costs of removing and disposing your damaged carpet. Learn More >
  • Repairs are blended and often invisible.
  • Carpet repair is quick and ultradurable.
If you’re based in Swansea or any SA postcode, please don’t hesitate to get in touch today for a free quotation for professional carpet repair.

Iron Damage

Don’t worry, we all dislike ironing.

Unbeatable Durability

Clean Rescue carpet repairs are achieved using new innovations that have taken into consideration the after use of carpets including professional cleaning. 

Our specialist carpet repairs have been put under rigours testing and have withstood the equivalent of 60 years worth of professional carpet cleaning, using many cleaning & agitation methods, with no fibres loss or patch peeling.

DIY Damage

Maybe hire a professional next time.

Invisible Carpet Repair

When our technicians repair carpets they will always aim to make every carpet repair as invisible as possible. In the majority of cases our carpet repairs are completely blended.

Pet Damage

Pets are wonderful! even if they do cause a bit of damage. 

Puppy Damage

Puppies & dogs are a common cause of carpet damage. Dogs can lift, tear and damage carpets for a number of reasons. 

Some dogs or puppies are letting out excess energy, others may be trying to create a place to hide things and some dogs have been bred to burrow after their prey, no matter the reason they’re simply following instincts.  

Cat Damage

Cats often scratch at carpets, this can be instinctively to keep their claws sharp, stretch their muscles and mark their territory. This often results in damaged carpet backings, fibre loss, holes and carpet peeling.

Don't Blame Your pets.

New Innovative Repair Method Available in Swansea

Our brand new, innovative carpet repair method is has been developed over 12 years of in the field carpet repair experience. 

Our new methodology has allowed us to deliver the strongest and most durable repairs in Swansea.

Attention To Detail.

Clean Rescue Technicians apply a secondary carpet backing alternative to our carpet repairs, this helps strengthen the repair whilst ensuring that no repairs are fitted directly to the ground below your carpet.

If you ever need to replace or lift your carpet you can do so knowing that any repairs are fitted as part of your carpet and will come away with the carpet as it is lifted.

To book your free quotation in Swansea, call us today on 0800 132 410.