Domestic Stain Removal

Carpets, sofas & soft furnishings.

Professional Carpet Stain Removal

Our technicians are highly trained in advanced stain removal. They understand the science behind stains and how they interact with different fibers. This expertise, combined with our unique, in-house cleaning solutions, allows us to achieve a remarkable 90% success rate in removing even tough spots and stains. Our gentle yet effective cleaning methods ensure your carpets and upholstery are treated with the utmost care.

Wine Stains

It’s okay, we know. It’s been a hard day.

Red wine and many other drink spillages need to be dealt with quickly. This is especially the case if the spill occurs on a natural fibre such as wool, cotton or linen.

Chromogens are naturally occurring color precursors found in many plants, including grapes used for wine. Chromogens undergo chemical reactions which transform them into the pigments that give red wine its color. These pigments can bond to fabrics, leaving a permanent stain.

Tannins are another natural compound found in grape skins and seeds. Tannins also act as a mordant. A mordant is a substance that helps dyes adhere to fabrics. The tannins in wine help the wine’s color pigments latch onto and stain fabrics.

Pet Stains

They’re still cute.

Life with pets is full of love, but sometimes accidents happen. From bathroom mishaps to muddy paw prints, your carpets and furniture can take a beating. These messes can not only be unsightly, but also trap dirt, mud, and even harmful pathogens from outside.

 If your pet does make a mess rest easy knowing Clean Rescue’s stain removal service boasts a 90% removal success rate. 

We’ve tackled all sorts of pet stains including urine, feces, hairballs, vomit, mud and natural oils. 

Don't blame your pets,
They don't mean to.

Liquid Boot Polish Stain

Ketchup Stain

Straight forward Pricing.

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Stain Removal Pricing



For the first stain.
£40 per extra stain.

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Upholstery Spot & Stain Removal.

Sofas, chairs, and other soft furnishings come in a wide array of fabrics, each with unique construction, finishes, and fiber types. This variety can make cleaning tricky, especially when dealing with stains. Many staining products contain dyes that can easily transfer to upholstery.

At Clean Rescue, our technicians are experts in handling delicate fabrics and removing tough stains. We understand that certain fibers and finishes require specialized cleaning methods. That’s why we use advanced techniques and gentle yet effective solutions to ensure the utmost care and the highest cleaning standards for your upholstery.

How To Deal With Stains.

Quick action can make a big difference in successfully removing a stain from your carpet. Harsh household chemicals can actually set stains deeper into the fibers, making them permanent. Scrubbing aggressively can also damage natural carpet fibers such as wool. 

Here’s what to do if you have an accidental spill:

Apply warm water: Try to avoid going straight for household cleaning remedies such as washing up liquid and store bought cleaners. The chemistry may not be suitable for the stain and could cause permanent bonding to the fibre.

Blot, Don’t Scrub: The key is to absorb as much of the liquid as possible without spreading the stain. Use a clean, absorbent cloth and blot the stain repeatedly, applying gentle pressure downwards. For large spills, use multiple cloths to maximize absorption.

Solids First: If the spill includes solids, carefully pick them up and dispose of them before blotting the liquid.

By following these simple steps, you can increase your chances of removing the stain completely or minimising it before calling Clean Rescue for professional help.