Commercial Sofa, Chair &
Fabric Cleaning

Upholstery & Fabric Cleaning Specialists.

Clean Rescue Technicians have been trained to the highest standards of fibre and fabric cleaning theory and practice. Specialists in fabric cleaning & restoration. 

Fast Dry Times.

Our unique cleaning systems, methods & techniques offer very fast upholstery cleaning dry times. Upholstery dry in under an hour.

Free Disinfection & Sanitisation

We include a FREE carpet biocidal disinfection and sanitisation to BS EN 1040 Standard with every commercial carpet clean.

Remove Pathogens & Pollutants From Your Upholstery Fabrics.

Pathogens such as viruses and bacteria can spread quickly and be deposited on many surfaces including your sofas and chairs. Remove these pathogens and reduce the risk of illness spreading throughout your workplace with a clean rescue deep clean.

No Residues Left In your Fabric.

No sticky residues left in your upholstery fabrics. Residues can attract dirt and cause your sofas & chairs to re-soil very quickly. Clean Rescue technicians are trained to always balance Ph and ensure Ph neutralisation. 

High Quality, Safe & Biodegradable
Cleaning Solutions.

Our cleaning solutions are child safe, pet safe and environmentally friendly. Intelligently designed formulations and high quality constitute parts breakdown and emulsify soiling whilst treating fibres with gentle care. Our solutions are 100% bio-degradable and our solution bottles are recyclable.

Ph Neutralisation and Colour Stability

Pre-testing colours and balancing solution Ph is critical. All clean rescue technicians have been trained in dye site stability testing & balancing Ph to ensure not to cause colour run or colour loss from your upholstery fabric.  

Improve Air Quality In Your Workplace.

Giving your upholstery a deep clean removes allergens and dust from your fabrics improving air quality for your employees & customers.