The Worlds Most Advanced Cleaning Machine

Digital Autonomous Cleaning.

We operate the world’s most advanced carpet cleaning machine manufactured by Texatherm.

The AIC022 machine is completely digitally run and self-governing allowing our technicians to focus on the clean and not the machine. 

Complete Flow Control.

The AIC022 Machine has the worlds first digital pump flow control system. This mean clean rescue technicians have complete control over their water flow rates allowing us optimise cleaning procedures and dry times. 

Multiple Cleaning Systems.

The AIC022 Machine is the first multi-cleaning machine. Not one cleaning method works on all carpet types, soiling levels and conditions. 

It is critical to be able to switch methods and adapt in order to deliver the most efficient clean and fastest dry time possible for the carpet type. 

Only having one method of carpet cleaning often results in many carpet cleaners walking away from carpets that could have been deep cleaned.

Quietist Machine In It's Class.

In the professional carpet cleaning machine class, the AIC022 is the quietest machine available, reaching only 76Db in operation. 

No excessively loud machines outside your home bothering your neighbours. 

Energy Efficient.

The components used in the AIC022 machine have been optimised to deliver maximum output whilst drawing minimal power. 

This give us the ability to to deliver efficient deep clean whilst using as little energy as possible.

Remote Controlled.

All components on the AIC are remote controlled. This allows our technicians to operate individual systems, from anywhere in the home, increasing job efficiency.