New innovative cleaning system. Professional Carpet cleaning Bridgend.

Professional Carpet Cleaning

Unbeatable deep clean dry times. No chemical residues left in your carpets. 80% reduction in water usage. Free disinfection & sanitisation.

Professional Carpet Cleaning Bridgend

Welcome to Clean Rescue – we’re a professional carpet and upholstery cleaning company servicing homes and businesses in Bridgend and the surrounding areas. Our patented carpet cleaning systems use up to 80% less water, leave no chemical residues behind and results in carpets drying within 30 minutes.

If you’re based in Bridgend or the surrounding areas, get in touch today for a free quotation.

Our carpet cleaning results

Multiple cleaning systems. Better results.

Free Carpet Protector When You Book 2 Rooms Or More.

Shield your carpets from spills and stains with our specialist protector. It creates an invisible, hydrophobic barrier that repels liquids and stains without altering the feel of your carpet fibers. Book two rooms or more for carpet cleaning and get FREE protection for your largest room!

Use code CRFP when you book.

14:25 02 Apr 24
Seriously over the moon with the results! Aled has been to our house twice to clean our carpets and has completed superb cleans on both occasions. This time we had a low moisture clean and the carpet has dried in no time at all. Would definitely recommend Clean Rescue
Tom BuchanTom Buchan
16:06 28 Mar 24
We use Clean Rescue for our office carpets, they are professional, reliable and do great work at an affordable price. Would recommend A+
James AJames A
16:00 28 Mar 24
Wouldn’t go anywhere else. Top service.
14:05 28 Mar 24
I can’t believe how quickly my carpets were dry! I was a little skeptical at first but I must they dried extremely quickly. The results were great and my carpets smell lovely! Troy and Aled were outstanding, very professional and knowledgeable. I will be booking in again and recommending for sure. Thank you guys!
Rhys DaviesRhys Davies
14:03 28 Mar 24
Very happy with results and service provided by this company. Very friendly, punctual and transparent. My sofas came up looking fantastic and I was surprised with how quickly they dried. Would definitely recommend.
Helena “H” RowlandHelena “H” Rowland
16:27 23 Jan 24
I am extremely pleased with the service provided by Rescue South Wales today whilst cleaning my Hall, staircase and landing carpet.Aled was extremely courteous and friendly, he explained the process of the cleaning he was about to carry out .On completion the carpets smelt lovely and looked very clean, he even provided foot covers so I wouldn’t mark the carpet as I needed to go out.I would highly recommend this firm to clean your carpets.
Katie SaraKatie Sara
12:09 09 Jan 24
Excellent service from start to finish! Aled was incredibly friendly and efficient. The carpets were soiled with urine, oil, rusty water and mould. The carpets have come up brilliantly, like the stains were never there! I would definitely request for Aled to come out and clean again for us. Over the moon!
Louisa DaviesLouisa Davies
15:57 18 Apr 23
Fantastic service from Troy and Aled. Made the sofa and chairs look like new and they were really grubby. Carpet stains all removed. Very very pleased. Super company and lovely people. I would highly recommend them.

Industry Leading Carpet Cleaning Dry Times

Getting you back using your carpet as quickly as possible is a priority. Ensuring no risk of organic substance growth, such as mould and mildew, and no risk of structural damage to your carpet.

Disinfection & Sanitisation

Using safe biocidal disinfectants meeting BS EN 1040 standards, Clean Rescue offer a FREE disinfection & sanitisation with every clean.

No Cleaning Residues Left In Your Carpets

We don’t leave cleaning residues behind, ensuring no rapid re-soiling, yellowing or damage to your carpets. Always Ph neutral on completion. Your carpets stay cleaner for longer.

High Quality, Safe & Biodegradable
Cleaning Solutions.

Our cleaning solutions are child safe, pet safe and environmentally friendly. Intelligently designed formulations and high quality constitute parts breakdown and emulsify soiling whilst treating fibres with gentle care. Our solutions are 100% bio-degradable and our solution bottles are recyclable.

Low Noise Levels

We want to clean with as minimal disruption to you and your neighbors as possible.

Our innovative AIC022 machine is 2 x quieter than the average portable and 4 x quieter than the average truckmount.

Reduced Water Usage

Percent less water

Our cleaning equipment & unique system uses far less water than conventional carpet cleaning systems with zero water waste. 

Would you like to know more about how we’re doing our bit for the planet?

Specialist Spot & Stain Removal In Bridgend

We can treat all types of stains including ink, oil, urine, wine, tea, coffee, blood and food spillages. Call us today for a free stain assessment in Bridgend on 0800 132 410.

Professional Upholstery Cleaning In Bridgend

Remove Pathogens & Pollutants From Your Carpet

Viruses, bacteria & other pathogens can spread quickly. And just like many surfaces in your home, pathogens can be deposited in your carpet.

A professional carpet clean removes dirt and substances from your carpet as well as pathogens that may have been brought into your home. 

Improve Air Quality In Your Home

Substances such as allergens and dust can become trapped in your carpet.

Giving your carpet a professional clean removes dust & allergens allowing for better air quality in your home. 

Specialist Carpet Repairs in Bridgend

Increased durability. New innovative methods.
Cost effective alternative to carpet replacement.

Carpets Cleaned
Sofas Cleaned
Carpets Repaired
Coffees Drank

The Most Advanced
Carpet Cleaning System in Bridgend

Our unique, patented carpet cleaning system is the most advanced and effective in the Bridgend area.

Our system give us an array of cleaning methods that each suit specific carpet types and conditions, which means we can tailor our process to suit the type of carpet and stains that you have. 

This innovative approach allows clean rescue technicians to deliver superior results and outstanding dry times. 

Extend The Life
Of Your Carpets With Regular Professional Cleaning

Your carpets get exposed to abrasive particles on a daily basis. This causes the fibres to wear and degrade if these soil particles are not fully removed. Our professional cleaning process will remove these abrasive particles, extending the life of your carpets and saving you significant money on replacements.

It will also improve the environment of your home by eliminating any nasty bacteria and lingering carpet odours, leaving your home smelling fresh and clean. For these reasons, we recommend scheduling a professional carpet cleaning appointment every 6-18 months.

To book your free carpet cleaning quotation in Bridgend, call us today on 0800 132 410.

Professional & Friendly Carpet Cleaning In Bridgend

You can expect the highest level of professionalism and service from our technicians. The Clean Rescue south Wales team pride themselves on their work and ability to deliver an all round professional, friendly and positive experience for our clients. 

Our Equipment.

The worlds most advanced professional carpet cleaning equipment.

Doing our bit for the planet.