Why do we use multiple carpet & upholstery cleaning systems?

Carpet and fabric constructions and conditions vary greatly. These variations effect the performance of certain cleaning methods.

Some carpets. sofas & fabrics have impervious backings such as rubber, Bitumen & felt meaning the airflow potential is extremely limited. Without good airflow a professional carpet cleaning machines ability to lift and recover dirt becomes poor and risks capillary wick back of soil as the carpet dries. 








These limitations means that, unfortunately, there isn’t one best cleaning method or process for cleaning carpets, sofas, upholstery and textiles. Each Method and process has its own place, having the ability to be able to adapt our cleaning methods to each variation is critical in order to achieve the best results and dry times possible. 

When professionally cleaning, the sheer volume and variations in fabrics, carpet types and their constructions some cleaning methods will work better than others depending on what we’re cleaning or trying to restore. 

This approach to professional carpet & upholstery cleaning, and our multiple cleaning systems, has given Clean Rescue technicians the ability to be able to undertake and complete jobs that other companies have walked away from.