How Are We Considering Our Planet?

None Of Our Machines Run Off Diesel Or Petrol.

A large number of truck mounted machines, still in operation, burn 2-4 litres of fuel per hour. That’s approximately 5.24kg -10.48kg of carbon dioxide an hour for diesel and 4.78kg – 9.56 kg of C02 an hour for petrol. 

Our Machines Are 100% Electric.

All of our machines run off of clean electricity. Our Unique, digital AIC022 Carpet Cleaning Machine is currently the worlds most advanced carpet cleaning machine. 

The AIC022’s electrical engineering innovations have allowed us to optimise all components whist drawing minimal power. 

This gives us the ability to deliver a highly efficient clean with as minimal use of energy as possible. 

We Don't Run Our Equipment From Petrol or Diesel Generators.

We don’t opt in to running our machines from petrol and diesel generators. 

Much like truck mounted machines. These generators are contributing to ozone depletion.

Did you know? some generators running for only 1 hour can emit as much pollution as driving an average vehicle for about 150 miles. And many generators exhaust over 40 different air toxins including some cancer causing toxins. 

Our unique Cleaning Systems Use Less Water.

Many of our fresh water sources are becoming drained faster than they can be replenished. Our fresh water supplies are continuing to decline.

Unfortunately, there are many carpet cleaning methods in operation today, that waste more water that they use.

We decided we wanted to change that. Our professional carpet cleaning systems use 40% to 60% less water than conventional systems.

RX Cleaning System
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CR Cleaning System
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Our Solutions Are Biodegradable.

Our environmentally friendly solutions are bio-degradable. Each solution is in a concentrated form, delivering industrial power whilst minimising water & plastic usage.

Our Solution Bottles Are 100% Recyclable.

All Clean Rescue operators follow recycling procedures and stick to our recycling guides.