The CR Carpet
Cleaning System

Deep cleaning. Sanitisation. Dry in 30 minutes. 


Carpets Dry In 30 Minutes

Our patented low moisture CR carpet cleaning system delivers the fastest, genuine, deep clean dry time in the industry. This cleaning innovation allows us to get you back on your carpets in minutes without compromising the quality of the clean.

Awarded Two Patents

Our unique method and cleaning chemistry has been awarded two patents proving innovation and validity.

Intelligent Deep Cleaning

No bonnet & buffing, carpet skimming or visually enhancing the look of the carpets surface.

Our system delivers a genuine deep clean using unique patented formulations & cleaning chemistry. 

In conjunction with the systems bespoke, specialist equipment, we guarantee a deep clean.

Free Disinfection & Sanitisation

We offer a free disinfection and sanitisation, to BS EN 1040 standard, with every CR carpet clean.

No Residues Left In Your Carpet

No sticky solution residues left in your carpet. Residues attract dirt can cause your carpet to re-soil very quickly. and cause yellowing and other damage to certain carpet types. 

Our CR Cleaning system guarantees no residues left in your carpet.

80% Reduction In Water Usage

Huge reduction in water usage. 80% less water used when compared with hot water extraction. 

Safe, Biodegradable Solutions

Our solutions are child safe, pet safe & biodegradable and our solution bottles are recyclable.

Low Noise Levels

Minimal disruption to you and your neighbors. Unlike extraction carpet cleaning our low moisture cleaning system produces nearly no noise. Running volume of 59db, the same volume as having a normal conversation.

Ph Neutralisation and Colour Stability

Our CR system guarantees pH neutralisation on completion of the clean. 

Neutralisation leaves dyes stable ensuring no colour bleed or loss. We don’t use peroxide so your carpets colour won’t fade with regular cleaning.

More Efficient Cleaning

Clean rescue technicians are able to deliver a deep clean at nearly half the time when compared to extraction, allowing you to get back on your carpets sooner. 

Commercial technicians can clean up to 150sqm of commercial carpet an hour. 

Low Moisture. No Damage

Our low moisture system has no risk of stretching, shrinking or splitting seams. 

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