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Carpet Cleaning Prices: Quality Over Price

If you’re thinking of getting your carpets cleaned, there are several options…

You could hire a machine from a local supermarket (which we don’t recommend), or you can choose between the numerous professional companies you can find online.

If you’ve decided to hire a professional, how do you choose the right company?

Many people don’t give this too much thought and merely opt for the company which has provided the cheapest quote.

This often proves to be a mistake.

There are so many variables that affect the cost of professional carpet cleaning. And while budget is a factor for many people choosing a service provider, there is a reason why some companies can slash prices and others will be a little more expensive.

Let’s take a look at some of the factors that will affect the range of carpet cleaning prices.

Experience and expertise

Trained professionals come with years of knowledge and experience.

They understand the different types of carpet fibres and the most effective cleaning method for each type of carpet. They also know what issues to look out for and understand which products to use for the most effective stain removal results.

This knowledge and experience means they achieve better results and minimise the potential risk of damage.

Professional training and insurance

While it should be a requirement that all carpet cleaners have undertaken professional training, unfortunately it isn’t.

Attending professional training courses equips an operator with the fundamental skills needed to clean carpets safely and effectively.

A professionally trained operator will follow a proven carpet cleaning process.

This means a job is likely to take more time for a professional company to complete than the local splash and dash merchant who soaks a carpet, takes payment and runs.

A professional company should also hold full insurance to protect you from liability.


There are many carpet cleaning companies that operate a rental machine out of the back of an estate car.

And then there are others who have invested thousands of pounds into the best machinery in the carpet cleaning industry.

High-quality professional equipment and cleaning solutions are expensive investments, and a company that has invested in this type of equipment will have higher overheads than the part-time cowboys.

And they will achieve far superior results.

Upfront transparent pricing

Some unscrupulous operators use deceptive pricing tactics such as bait-and-switch.

This is when a customer is quoted a very low price but when the company attends the job they inflate the price explaining that they need to pay for the additional extras in order to complete the job successfully.

A trustworthy company will be upfront about their pricing and explain beforehand if there is anything that may affect the cost on the day of the work.

Choosing quality over price when it comes to professional carpet cleaning is a wise decision.

While the cheapest option may seem tempting at first, it often fails to deliver the results you’d hope for and leaves you exposed to the risk of damage.

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